PostElbe Priority Package Service

PostElbe Package Service offers shipping services for packages from Germany to China. The shipments include cosmetics, baby food, children´s equipment, household products, health care products, etc..

Our shipments originate directly from Germany, quality and originality guaranteed.


Product features:

• Each receiver in China with a valid identity card ID Number, can be used this product. With each ID Number can a receiver in one year take over the package of which the total worth cannot over 20.000 RMB through PostElbe-Line in China.

• Personal tax Control:

The maximum value of each product in one packet shall not exceed 2000 RMB.

The general tax rate is applied, ranging from 11.9% - 47 % based on the product purchased.

If the value of any product is higher than 2000 RMB, the packet is not to pass the customs clearance.

• The shipment of your package can be tracked on our website.

• The maximum weight of the package: 30 KG.

• The maximum measurement of the package: length, 80cm; width 80cm; height, 80cm.

• We provide door-to-door service.

Information for collection and delivery:

• A Pre-approval of all SKUs is mandatory prior to shipment.

• The official inspection will be accomplished by General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China.

The full detailed SKU information is required.

Important Information for the side of China: the product name, description, ingredients and, most importantly, the prices.

Other important information: the country of origin, specifications and the acquired site of the goods.

It takes approximately 5 Days to get approved.

Pre-approval is required only for the first shipment and new SKUs.

The complete information about the recipient is required: name, address, telephone number and the Chinese Identity Card Number. There will be a demand, where the customer has to confirm.

Our Advantages::

• Reliable and qualified networks for a smooth delivery to China.

• One-Time registration for your products to ensure an efficient shipment.

• No more trouble with the customs and no additional tax collection.

• Cost effective solution


With our contacts and a submitted item list to the Chinese customs office, we are capable of delivering parcels quickly and safely to customers in China. The registration form for products for delivery must be truthfully filled out.


With years of experience and reliable services, PostElbe guarantees for our customers simplified customs clearance, competitive prices and a fast and safe delivery.